$68.62 each

Yellow Wax Beans Extra Fine IQF (12/2 lb) (24lbs)

These yellow wax beans have a delicate & buttery flavor, perfect for fresh veggie salads
$54.03 each

Haricot Vert (Whole String Beans) Very Fine IQF (10/2.2 lb) (22lbs)

Haricots Verts are the tiniest green beans. These tiny green beans are great in salads or as a side.
$78.76 each

Salsifies - Cut 30-50 mm IQF (10/2.2 lb) (22lbs)

Distinctive and delicious. Salsifies have a buttery flavor & tender texture. Pre-cut & blanched so they're ready for you to saut_ immediately
$54.33 each

Pearl Onions IQF (12/2 lb) (24lbs)

Sweet & flavorful frozen pearl onions
$61.46 each

Brittany Blend IQF (12/2 lb) (24lbs)

This blend is a mixture of whole green beans, young baby carrots, & yellow wax beans.
$129.59 each

Artichoke Bottoms Small IQF (30-45 units per bag) (10/2.2 lb.) (22lbs)

Artichoke bottoms harvested, trimmed & turned by hand, blanched, & frozen 30-50 mm diameter
$129.59 each

Artichoke Bottoms Medium IQF (20-30 units per bag) (10/2.2 lb.) (22lbs)

Artichoke bottoms harvested, trimmed & turned by hand, blanched, & frozen 50-70 mm diameter
$86.30 each

Artichoke Quarters IQF (10/2.2 lb.) (22lbs)

Flavorful and ready to use on pizzas, in salads, as a side dish or in a dip
$56.22 each

Carrots Parisian IQF (12/2 lb) (24lbs)

The distinctive round shape of Parisian carrots occurs from natural growth. They have a sweet taste & bright
$43.78 each

Yellow and Orange Cork Carrots (12/2 lb) (24lbs)

Mix of yellow and orange cork carrots. Imported from France.
$78.89 each

Fava Beans Peeled (10/2.2 lb) (22lbs)

Pre-peeled & only require momentary cooking. Delicious & convenient for spicing up any plate!
$65.75 each

Flageolets Extra Fine (10/2.2 lb) (22lbs)

Very popular in French cooking. Their flavor compliments lamb, fish & chicken. Light tasting, & stay in shape
$51.05 each

Sweet Plantains Sliced & Pre-Cooked IQF (4/6 lb) (24lbs)

These plantain slices can be served in an array of presentations; appetizers, side item, or dessert
$45.48 each

Yuca Raw Frozen (6/5 lb) (30 lbs)

Our raw frozen yucca selection come in a convenient 5lb bag. Peeled, cut and mostly deveined.
$62.74 each

Peas, Green Pigeon (12/2 lb) (24 lbs)

Frozen shelled green Pigeon Peas, belonging to the Cajanus Indicus species
$44.05 each

Tostones/ Patacones Jumbo (6/3lb) (18 lbs)

Pre-fried. Excellent as a side, appetiver with dip or a base for hors dÍoeuvres
$63.91 each

Grilled Eggplant (5/2.2 lb) (11lbs)

Nice grill-marked style & typical grill taste use in many ways: pizza, sandwiches, salads, lasagna & etc.
$50.09 each

Mixed GrilledVEGETABLES (4/2.2 lb) (8.8lbs)

Marked for a just-grilled look without the oil. Season & finish in the oven for an easy antipasta or side.
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Golden Quinoa Cooked IQF (6/2 lb) (12 lbs)

The quinoa is referred to as a super grain. While quinoa is extraordinarily healthy, it is actually a seed
$58.00 each

Brown, Red, and Wild Rice Mix Cooked IQF (6/2 lb) (12 lbs)

Keeping the bran intact and removing only the hull, brown rice maintains beneficial nutrients lost with
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Forest Mushroom Blend w/Porcini (10/2.2 lb) (22lbs)

A mushroom mix of 55% baby Oyster mushrooms, 35% Golden Nameko, and 10% Porcini cubes.
$49.00 each

Potato Croquette (12/2lb) (24lbs)

Seasoned lightly, full of flavor & ready to bake. Prepared with the creamy mashed Bintje Potato.
$42.58 each

Potato Puree in Pellets IQF (4/5.5 lb) (22lbs)

Potato puree, individually portioned into pellets.
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