$51.05 each

Sweet Plantains Sliced & Pre-Cooked IQF (4/6 lb) (24lbs)

These plantain slices can be served in an array of presentations; appetizers, side item, or dessert
$45.48 each

Yuca Raw Frozen (6/5 lb) (30 lbs)

Our raw frozen yucca selection come in a convenient 5lb bag. Peeled, cut and mostly deveined.
$62.74 each

Peas, Green Pigeon (12/2 lb) (24 lbs)

Frozen shelled green Pigeon Peas, belonging to the Cajanus Indicus species
$44.05 each

Tostones/ Patacones Jumbo (6/3lb) (18 lbs)

Pre-fried. Excellent as a side, appetiver with dip or a base for hors dÍoeuvres
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