The 65-foot shrimp boat Capt. M&M before it sank at the east jetty of Sabine Pass in Louisiana in September 2018.

Diane Wilson protests Formosa Plastics after documenting the company's discharge of billions of plastic pellets in a Texas estuary.

Spring flooding means oyster dealers are faced with product shortages. But demand has stayed steady. Prestige Oysters photo.

Casey Lowell Hickok, 32, of Copeland, Fla., was arrested for allegedly murdering his father. Collier County Sheriff's Office photo.

The Trump administration moves to expand offshore oil leases, which could make the sight of oil drilling platforms more common on every coast.

Florida stone crab. Florida Sea Grant photo.
Florida stone crab. Florida Sea Grant photo.

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times” pretty much sums up Florida’s 2018-19 stone crab harvest season.