Fishing Industry News

The Louisiana shrimp boat Miss Nan. Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife.
The Louisiana shrimp boat Miss Nan.

Besides its unique bow, the Viking Power also breaks new ground by using A-frames for towing and hoisting its two 14-foot dredges. Williams Fabrication photo

Striped mullet. University of Florida photo.
Striped mullet. University of Florida photo.

A Coast Guard Station South Padre Island boat crew rescues three green sea turtles caught in 200-yards of illegal gill net fishing gear approximately a quarter mile north of the mouth of the Rio Grande River, near Brownsville, Texas, Nov.

Fish swim around part of an old offshore oil platform re-purposed for Louisiana's artificial reef program. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries photo.

The 65-foot shrimp boat Capt. M&M before it sank at the east jetty of Sabine Pass in Louisiana in September 2018.

Diane Wilson protests Formosa Plastics after documenting the company's discharge of billions of plastic pellets in a Texas estuary.

Spring flooding means oyster dealers are faced with product shortages. But demand has stayed steady. Prestige Oysters photo.